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Jun 16, 2019

We kick off year 2 of the show by exploring this former Naaru prison!

You can hear me on episode 177 of Behind the Avatar as well as episode 6 of Scrubs vs the World

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Jun 9, 2019

We celebrate episode 50, as well as our first anniversary of the show, with The Sacking of Booty Bay! A raid creation from the mind of Ali and listeners who sent in boss ideas!! Then we get a little mushy at the end and thank a bunch of people!

I had such a great time getting to know Gin from Morally Grey as we guested,...

Jun 2, 2019

We head up to Netherstorm this week and learn about the Tempest Keep area. We then head into Botanica to investigate the scientific experiments going on with the plant life!

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May 26, 2019

We spend a little more time in history this week as we experience the epic Battle for Mount Hyjal!

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May 19, 2019

Continuing our quest to save the main timeline, we travel to Black Morass! We help Medivh actually open the Dark Portal! Want to know why we have to help the orcs get to Azeroth? Give this a listen! 

Want to find out why it is so important to help Medivh open the portal? I highly suggest that you listen to episode #62...