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Feb 16, 2020

We continue our storyline, fighting our way ever closer to the citadel! This week we travel through a saronite quarry, take out some minions, free some slaves, and find out some important information in our crusade against the Lich King!

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Feb 8, 2020

We begin our epic journey into Icecrown Citadel by taking a side entrance into the Forge of Souls!! Before we do though, it's important to take time to learn why we're here and why this area is so important to the lore!

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Feb 2, 2020

We compete in one more trial this week! This raid requires all we have in order to prove ourselves worthy to take on the Lich King. Together, we will pass the test and move on!

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Jan 26, 2020

This week finds us finally traveling to Icecrown! We check in with the Argent Crusade to see what they've been busy doing while we were saving the planet and defeating an Old God in Ulduar. We then try to prove ourselves worthy to take on the Lich jousting. I hope you have some fun listening to this one! 


Jan 19, 2020

This week brings the conclusion of our epic journey through Ulduar! We talk about how the Titan Keepers help us, our last two bosses, and tidbits! I'm so thankful to you all for going on this adventure with me and I hope you enjoyed it!

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