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Jun 24, 2018

This week I geek out about reviews, play an audio submission, then take a look at what some of your favorite dungeons are!

Then we dive into Ragefire Chasm with all of it's fire, troggs, Dark Shaman, and fire. All the fire.

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Jun 18, 2018

This week we get ourselves locked up in the Stormwind Stockades! In addition to looking at Pre/Post Cata changes, we explore what some of the bosses were charged with to get them imprisoned in the first place. Also Hogger. Because Hogger.

Shout Out to Slacker Studios (@slackers_studio) and FrazlCast (@FrazlCast)!!!

Jun 10, 2018

Pilot episode of Dungeon Fables!!

Intro to the podcast, intro to the host, and intro to Freehold in BfA can all be found here! All the intros!!

Then we adventure into Deadmines, discussing some of the ins and outs of the story as well as some changes pre/post Cata.