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Nov 30, 2019

This week we fight our way through Wintergrasp and into the Vault of Archavon raid! Gain new sympathy for one of the bosses, discover the ancient past of this place, and hear Ali ramble at the end!

I had so much fun guesting on Episode 134 of Frazlcast with Starman from World of Warcast and Emma! Listen in to hear...

Nov 24, 2019

One more week with the undead nerubians before we climb out of Azjol-Nerub. Listen in as we learn more about the fate of this empire as well as experience the effects of the Old Gods.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Halfhill Report for 100 episodes!! I was honored to celebrate with them! Please give it a listen!

Nov 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered why there are bugs and spiders within the ranks of the scourge? Listen in as we disover this as well as who this Anub'arak beetle is!

The last part of my Deadmines run with Taverncast is out on Youtube!! Please do me a favor and go watch it! <3

I had the pleasure of...

Nov 9, 2019

Listen to hear the tired ramblings of two first timers to BlizzCon! Mr. Ali joins this week as we review our trip from beginning to end. (P.S. This is a rough edit. We wanted to share our experience in a natural way, not with scripts or show notes.)

Don't forget to check out part one on Youtube of my Deadmines run with...

Nov 2, 2019

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