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Oct 27, 2019

This week we venture into another dragonflight's sanctum in order to find out why communication from there has ceased. I also take time to geek out about a guest spot, Con Before The Storm, The Council of Beerisfal, and Blizzcon!

Join us for the Pod Before the Con Panel (part of World of Podcasts and Con Before The...

Oct 20, 2019

We are Dragonblight bound this week as we learn a bit about the Wyrmrest Temple! We then head into the basement and raid the lair of the black dragonflight!

If you need a Virtual Ticket for Blizzcon still, check out the contest we have running over at All Things Azeroth! 

Oct 13, 2019

Why does The Violet Hold exist? Why is there a hole in the ceiling? Listen in as we discover this and more!

Want to hear me gush about 8.3? Check out episode 662 of All Things Azeroth!

Tired of me asking silly questions? Go to to find out more info about Con Before The Storm! I would...

Oct 6, 2019

We dig a little deeper into the story of the ice trolls as we visit their capital, Gundrak!

Here's the Taverncast Adventures youtube playlist

Here's the video I found about the Gundrak Snake Tail randomness. Thanks to Hayven Games for sharing...